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Site Light Rentals specialise in temproary lighting equipment rental such as Solar Street Lights, Solar Light Towers, LED Light Towers, Jonker Lights and Mobile Stadium Lights for sites Australia Wide.

About Us

Early on, Blue Chip mining company tasked our management to find a way to provide a lighting solution that would significantly increase the lighting for in-pit operations, ROM pad operations and overburden operations. Management took this task and were inspired to design, engineer and supply the JL18-24 series and the JL24-24 series light towers, also commonly known as the Jonker Light.

The Jonker Light series is the largest mobile construction light tower in the world, and we've taken this original design and built on it with our ever-improving technologies that reduce the impact of our temporary lighting on the environment while still decreasing our clients' costs.

Temporary Solar Street Light and LED Light from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast.

We are a privately owned and operated Australian Company with over 15 years’ of experience in the rental and sales of quality Temporary Light Towers for the Construction, Resource and Agricultrual industries. Providing a high standard to cater for a diverse client base of International Mining Companies, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Civil Contractors, Councils as well as many more contrators within the Construction, Events and Agricultrual industries Australia Wide. 

At Site Light Rentals, our mission is to provide quality, sustainable, clean energy and lighting solutions benefiting the greater community. Empowering clients to help create a cleaner industry through long term, low impact, renewable mobile energy solutions that employees and investors can be proud to be a part of.

Our vision is to minimise the environmental impact of construction and resource projects through the engagement of quality, low impact and renewable energy sources.

Site Light Rentals Solar Light Tower Hire Sunshine Coast

We’re finding new ways to provide Solar Street Lights Mobile LED Light Towers and Portable Solar Light Towers across Brisbane, Surat Basin and Bowen Basin.

Supported by an experienced team of specialist Civil, Mechanical and Lighting Engineers, Site Light Rentals have a successful history of working with clients to resolve lighting and efficiency issues while reducing project costs. Through the design and manufacture of specialist products produced to suit project needs compliant to the relevant standards

  • ​Temproary Street Lighting
  • Temporary Pedestrian Lighting
  • Temporary Intersection Lighting
  • Temporary Lighting for Civil Infrastructure Construction and Demolition Works
  • Temporary Lighting for in pit mining operations, Coal Stock Piles, ROM Pads
  • Coal Handling Prep Plants
  • Dragline and CHPP Shut down Works
Portable light trailer on site at the Brisbane airport
Our Solar Street Lights, Jonker Lights, Solar Light Towers and LED Light Towers have the support of our talented and dedicated team of specialist Civil, Mechanical and Lighting engineers. Our team dedicates themselves to each project we take on, with our aim for continued recognition Australia-wide for providing quality and sustainable lighting equipment rentals that benefit the greater 


Providing this clean technology to the market we look to empower our clients to help create a cleaner industry through low impact, long-term, renewable lighting equipment rental with our diverse range of construction light towers.

Our clients have come to expect high-quality products and services each time they come to Site Light Rentals.

Contact Site Light Rentals for a free quote about your next worksite lighting project. 
Mobile Lighting Tower Hire Gold Coast

Contact Site Light Rentals today for a free quote on reliable lighting equipment rental.

For temporary construction lights, we invite you to contact us at Site Light Rentals and ask about our light tower rentals for your project in Ipswich or Australia-wide today!

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